Beginners to experts

Children and adolescents: ski and snowboard school

With the Swiss Snow League children and adolescents will learn skiing, free riding and/or snowboarding from scratch. Beginners start with the Blue League and learn the basics of snow sports. Advanced learners continue with the Red League to improve their skills. Finally the learner becomes an expert in the black league.


Professional snow sports instructors who teach children and adolescents note their progresses in a personal Swiss Snow League booklet every week. The guest can show this booklet to every Swiss Ski and Snowboard School in Switzerland to make sure to be in the right learning group (league).

At the end of each course, our young guests will earn a medal! The test is included in any private or group course from four days or longer.


For adults we offer private lessons in skiing and snowboarding.



Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

Our group courses aim at the following clients:

Cross-country skiing for children (see specific courses), adolescents and adults.
Snowshoeing for adults (adolescents are welcome, too).


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